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About us

Our Story

Established in 2007, Targo provides quality translations in over 50 languages across multiple industries. We serve law firms and hi-tech companies, professional service providers and businesses of all kinds that operate across countries and continents.

We pride ourselves on delivering meticulous, excellent quality translations quickly, professionally and with a smile. With Targo’s translation experts at your service, you will have to sacrifice neither time nor quality: we deliver on both fronts. Should your translation needs extend beyond a one-time assignment, we will provide continuous support and take care of any ongoing, translation-requiring projects.

We’re a firm believer that business is conducted between people, not companies. At Targo, ‘professional’ and ‘personal’ go hand in hand. We’re not simply about words. We’re about communication.

It all begins with great translators

Targo is run with family values. The company employs a long-standing team of people who share a passion for language and words. We take great pride in our team spirit.

With over a hundred translation experts in various languages and fields, Targo is truly a translation power house. Our team members are all native speakers of the languages they work with daily, and are additionally trained and educated in their respective fields of expertise. Our legal translators, for example, studied law, while German and French legal translations are provided by experts familiar with the local legal lingo.

As firm believers in enduring business relationships, we cultivate an atmosphere of openness and friendliness, resulting in many of our translators and clients staying onboard for years.

Our language experts are often members of professional translation associations, and only translate into their native language. Finally, in order for our translators to keep a fresh grip on new and updated vocabularies, styles and idioms, we insist our translators live and work in their respective native language environment.

If it reads or sounds like a translation, it will never leave our office

The success of a new venture, getting established in a foreign country or even dealing with a crisis abroad can rest on having access to a good translation service. In the age of hit-and-miss machine translations, the value of professional translations has become even more needed.

For every project where brand style is crucial, our translators immerse themselves in the brand’s distinctive tone of voice, glossary and inflection, in order to convey that faithfully in the target language. Finally, our translators are exceptional communicators in the written form, which means our customers receive texts that are precise, concise and easy to follow.

Think of us as your business partners

At Targo, we are proud to be regarded as strategic business partners, building multi-year relationships over hundreds of projects. As a boutique agency, we are structured to understand our clients’ business and translation needs from the “inside”, developing an intimate knowledge of their business and operational requirements.


Welcome to Targo. Prepare to experience a translation service that raises the bar in every way.