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Frequently Asked Questiones

  • What am I paying for?

  • We are rewarded for conveying an original message in a different language.

    The texts are treated by professional translators with extensive experience in a variety of fields. Our staff members have been carefully selected for close long-term collaboration, which allows us to guarantee a top-quality result. In fact, our “translation service” is much more than the name suggests and includes end-to-end project management with uncompromising quality control, professional and efficient content solutions, high availability, prompt response and quick turnaround.

  • How can I be sure that I will get a top-quality translation?

  • The very essence of our profession is to maintain the message you wish to convey in another language, while putting an emphasis on fluency and “natural flow” of the text.

    One of the greatest advantages of our well-established network of professionals is the ability to redirect each project to other translators and editors for review and “fine-tuning”. Four eyes see more than two, as the saying goes. While we always make sure to deliver a high-quality translation, we are also happy to assist whenever our clients decide to integrate changes or corrections either to the original text or to the finished translation product.

  • Why should I use the services of a translation company?

  • We provide comprehensive content solutions to countless projects in several dozens of languages. Our meticulous project management and quality control processes allow us to produce immaculate results consistently, and deliver localized and finalized translation products without deviating from the predefined deadline. A wide range of language pairs, translators with native proficiency in both the source and target languages, commitment to deadlines, courteous and professional service – a one-stop shop for all your translation needs.

  • How much would it cost me?

  • Translation rates are determined according to the number of words in the document, translation urgency and difficulty level. Every 250 words are defined as a "translation unit", and each such unit has a predetermined price based on the language pair, field of translation and its urgency.
    It is recommended to send us the document you want to translate and specify the target language. We will reply promptly with a price a quote and an accurate delivery deadline, to which we will be able to commit.

  • What payment methods do you accept?

  • We accept credit cards, checks and bank transfers.

  • So what’s next?

  • Once you approve the price and deadline we offered, we forward the document to one of our translators in accordance with the language pair and area of expertise. In addition, you are always welcome to keep in touch throughout the project and provide additional instructions, such as terminology and stylistic requirements.

  • Would you like to know more?

  • There are a few convenient ways to contact us:
    Chat with Targo – one of our representatives will be happy to assist via an online chat. You can start a conversation in the window located on the bottom right.

    Email - drop us a line at and we will reply promptly to any questions.

    Contact us without leaving the website – you can ask questions and request a price quote on our “Contacts” page.

    Telephone – we look forward to hearing from you – 972-1700-701-808.

    Fax – to send questions or documents for translation – 972-77-556-11-47

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