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 Top quality translation

Top quality translation

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Highly competitive prices

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Quickest possible turnaround

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Great service, every time



Arabic belongs to the Central Semitic family of languages and is closely related to Aramaic and Hebrew. Modern Standard Arabic is derived from the language of Quran and is known as Classical or Quranic Arabic, as it follows the grammatical standards of Quran and uses similar vocabulary. Throughout the history, Arabic has “borrowed” many words from other languages, such as Hebrew, Persian and Greek, while in the modern era, various English and French words often find their way into Arabic lexicon. The language is divided mostly into Literary Arabic, used for “official” purposes, such as media broadcasts throughout the Arab world, and the spoken Arabic, which includes an enormous amount of dialects.

Arabic is the main official language of many Middle Eastern countries. It is the second official language in Israel and one of the official languages of the United Nations. There are over 300 million Arabic speakers worldwide and its dialects vary not only from country to country, but even from town to town.

As in other Semitic languages, Arabic has a unique system of constructing words from a basic root. The root of a word may contain a meaning that could take a few sentences to translate into another language. The beauty of it is that such linguistic approach allows to convey a depth of both meaning and emotion that are unmatched by many other languages.

English has many words acquired either directly from Arabic or indirectly from Arabic words that have entered into Romance languages before finding their way into English. For example, racquet, alchemy, alcohol, algebra, algorithm, alkaline, (the article ‘al’ in Arabic has a similar use to the English ‘the’), amber, arsenal, candy, coffee, cotton, hazard, lemon, magazine, sherbet, sofa, tariff and many more. It is also worth mentioning that the numeral system used today was introduced to Europeans by Arab merchants.

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What do we translate?

What do we translate?

Resulting from our extensive experience and a formidable in-house pool of experts, we offer translation for virtually every type of document.

Some of the documents most commonly translated by Targo include financial statements, a full spectrum of certificates and legal documents, CVs, articles, statements, letters, product brochures, SEO texts, speeches, user manuals, websites, and more.



Naturally, timelines depend on the scope and complexity of the source text.

Once you send us the contents, we’ll send you a realistic time estimate within minutes.

High availability of our in-house experts allows us to guarantee an exceptionally fast delivery.

Quality matters

Quality matters

To put is simply: translation quality is of utmost importance. Poor quality translations are instantly picked up on by native speakers. Once noticed, even minor irregularities can erode trust, damage your brand reputation and lose you potential sales.
High-quality translations, on the other hand, offer fantastic ROI.

That’s why at Targo, we never compromise quality. All of our translators are not only expert native speakers, but also excellent communicators, who take pride in delivering a product of the highest quality.

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