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Top quality translation

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Highly competitive prices

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Quickest possible turnaround

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Great service, every time



Dutch is spoken in Western Europe and former colonies of the Netherlands. Besides the Netherlands, it is also spoken in Flanders, the northern part of Belgium, although called differently – Flemish, Belgian Dutch or Vlaams. “Belgian Dutch” is almost completely similar to the Dutch language spoken in the Netherlands. The main differences are in accent and slang. Flemish is also divided into four principal dialects: East Flemish, West Flemish, Brabantian and Limburgish.

In other countries, such as Suriname, Aruba, West Indies, South Africa and Indonesia, which are former Dutch colonies, the language is spoken in a local dialect, such as Afrikaans in South Africa.

There are 28 million Dutch speakers in the world, 23 of them are native speakers: 15 million in the Netherlands, 6 million in Belgium and the rest are located in Suriname and other former colonies. Dutch is the official language of these countries.

Many native English speakers refer to Dutch as one of the easiest languages to learn, probably due to the common Germanic roots of both languages. Actually, you already speak some Dutch, since many words sound quite similar to English: appel (apple), groen (green), tomaat (tomato) and many others. In a similar manner to English, Dutch is known for borrowing words from other languages. However, Dutch took it to the extreme with about 75% of words originating from French. Some of them are even spelled the same: horloge (clock), jus d’range (orange juice), plafond (ceiling), chantage (blackmail).

As a Germanic language, Dutch has multiple compound words created by adding up several short words. Ready for you diction lesson? Try pronouncing this: “Kindercarnavalsoptochtvoorbereidingswerkzaamhedenplan”, which means “children’s carnival parade preparation planning”.

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What do we translate?

What do we translate?

Resulting from our extensive experience and a formidable in-house pool of experts, we offer translation for virtually every type of document.

Some of the documents most commonly translated by Targo include financial statements, a full spectrum of certificates and legal documents, CVs, articles, statements, letters, product brochures, SEO texts, speeches, user manuals, websites, and more.



Naturally, timelines depend on the scope and complexity of the source text.

Once you send us the contents, we’ll send you a realistic time estimate within minutes.

High availability of our in-house experts allows us to guarantee an exceptionally fast delivery.

Quality matters

Quality matters

To put is simply: translation quality is of utmost importance. Poor quality translations are instantly picked up on by native speakers. Once noticed, even minor irregularities can erode trust, damage your brand reputation and lose you potential sales.
High-quality translations, on the other hand, offer fantastic ROI.

That’s why at Targo, we never compromise quality. All of our translators are not only expert native speakers, but also excellent communicators, who take pride in delivering a product of the highest quality.

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